Watch out! EU trade mark owners being sent sophisticated scam

As readers of BrandWrites will know, the trade mark registers are public databases. This means that rogue organisations and individuals are able to easily obtain the details of a trade mark application (including the owner’s name, address and email) and send out unsolicited requests for money or scam invoices. Unfortunately, these types of scams are fairly commonplace around the world and in recent times have been becoming increasingly more sophisticated and believable.

On Monday, the EUIPO put a press release on their website in relation to a recent scam being sent out concerning EU trade marks. This scam takes the form of a fake EUIPO decision and asks for the recipient to pay further fees to obtain registration of their application. It also uses the EUIPO’s name, logo, and letterhead.

Whilst the EUIPO are taking their own action against this scam, BrandWrites is warning all trade mark owners to be especially cautious about this type of misleading invoice. If you, as a trade mark owner, receive any request for payment directly in the post or by email we suggest that you contact your usual adviser and do not make any direct payments.

The full press release can be found here and the fake request for payment here.